My boss just got on my neck this afternoon, feel like knocking his head and leave him to his work.

MTN just decided to turn of network and leave me incommunicado...nonsense

Politics of 2023 has started. Seeing cancel anyone that mention Tinubu online, better go start the grassroot movement ( where it really happens). interesting times ahead

To be last born no be small thing ooo, everybody go just wan dey send on errand. no wahala na, i go soon vex up one day.

The battle now is between those that think there was a massacre on the 20th October, 2020 and those that think there was no massacre. What is a massacre sef? the question now is...did anything close to the definition of a massacre happened that light at lekki toll, oniru. we should all just take it easy with our different narrations and perspectives ja re

What happened last year on 20th October at lekki toll gate was no massacre and no where near what a massacre is, its getting annoying with this massacre some set of people are going over the place is., like just find out what a real massacre looks like.. ah ah

I have my own candidate choice and you have yours. Accept my choice just as i have accepted yours but want to force me to agree with you..lai lai

olu IDV

Finally launched , to register come become wahala again. No email confirmation sent, try to re-register and get BVN issue. 

E-naira, its 5 days now and yet to get activation email. not looking good at all

ikoyi tower collapse. How do you get approval for something and build something else, all for money or what , 30+ dead so far for something that is sad

This ENDSARS report from the panel...there is something about it thats not just making sense, the recommendations dont even add up at all. Maybe when LASG releases the report with them, it would be different. we shall see

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