school fees plus house rent renewal combo for September na die sha...God go dey help person 

MTN just decided to turn of network and leave me incommunicado...nonsense

My boss just got on my neck this afternoon, feel like knocking his head and leave him to his work.

POS operators every corner you turn to now, but its hard to give POS to retailers? i no just understand

olu IDV

This guys just thing they can block the road whenever they like for whatever reasons, making road unbearable for others.

It's quite unfortunate she died from a hit and run driver but blocking the road is not just way I won't get to the office late now

yemz IDV

I have this feeling BTC will dump to 24k this October/November, presenting another good buy in opportunity

olu IDV

How I look at them while strategizing 

Recovering Gradually from my 

2km run this morning..e no easy

Do exercise, keep fit and all. I went to run 2km and all my joints are like dislocated.

Abeg, who send me

See me see mess up. I don dey talk to this babe for my street for months now, i sey make i take things slow not knowing sey na dull i dey myself and no take things slow for babe matter ooo.

i dey talk make we start as friends, build confidence and so on

This week i come talk sey make i make my intention know and no be friend anything i wan be to her..i got the shock of my life

Babe : I just committed to a relationship, you just come around and didn't say anything, you only wanted to be a friend

Me : Haa , speechless

My loss.. I don learn lesson.

My guys, see babe and feel am, abeg talk from day 1, no be like me ooo

CBN with all the noise, awareness and also promising to deliver E-Naira wallet and other instructions failed to deliver. Postponed with no new date given. Disappointed

yemz IDV

Happy Independence Day Nigeria...Slowly and Gradually, we would get it right.

mukash IDV

just a small town boy with big dreams.....

On my way to work today, I took this bus and the bus man was now booming music. It was time to drop and I kept shouting; "I will stop here" This man actually passed my drop point and was telling me sorry. Guy Why?