On my way to work today, I took this bus and the bus man was now booming music. It was time to drop and I kept shouting; "I will stop here" This man actually passed my drop point and was telling me sorry. Guy Why?

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just a small town boy with big dreams.....

To be last born no be small thing ooo, everybody go just wan dey send on errand. no wahala na, i go soon vex up one day.

The battle now is between those that think there was a massacre on the 20th October, 2020 and those that think there was no massacre. What is a massacre sef? the question now is...did anything close to the definition of a massacre happened that light at lekki toll, oniru. we should all just take it easy with our different narrations and perspectives ja re

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MTN sent a sms apologizing for Oct 9 outage and said I watch a video for free ( good that they extended validity by a day and also refunding data and call cost for certain hours, double data as compensation wouldn't be bad

MTN just decided to turn of network and leave me incommunicado...nonsense

My boss just got on my neck this afternoon, feel like knocking his head and leave him to his work.

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CBN with all the noise, awareness and also promising to deliver E-Naira wallet and other instructions failed to deliver. Postponed with no new date given. Disappointed

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Happy Independence Day Nigeria...Slowly and Gradually, we would get it right.

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How I look at them while strategizing 

POS operators every corner you turn to now, but its hard to give POS to retailers? i no just understand

Do exercise, keep fit and all. I went to run 2km and all my joints are like dislocated.

Abeg, who send me

school fees plus house rent renewal combo for September na die sha...God go dey help person